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Creating Daily Success in Real Estate
Do not delay, achieve success today.

Sales Volume: Truth or Myth?
Your volume or your life.

Profits: More Exclusive than...
Profits are better than wages.  Do you have any?

Creating a Dynamic Listing Presentation
List everyone you talk to everytime

Planning for 1999
How to have your best year ever

Business Clarity
Have a business vision as clear as a mountain lake



REAL ESTATE EXCHANGING 1031's - You may never get involved in a 1031 exchange, but you will certainly need to be aware of what they are to answer any questions and explain any misunderstandings that people have.

SUCCESS STRATEGIES - Several well written articles by Top Producers in residential real estate sales. Topics; direct mail; networking; doing the basics well; teamwork; and the importance of planning.

13 POWERFUL WAYS TO MAKE MORE SALES - SmartBiz article. Non-real estate specific, but full of great ideas.

AGENT'S ANGLE - An awesome site. Very extensive. Includes 100 personal slogans that you can use; how to photograph property for the best effect, etc. A must read.

CONSULTATIVE SELLING - Article by Tom Hopkins. Changes the way many will think about selling. Very good.

HOW TO GET STARTED IN REAL ESTATE - A state by state guide to licensing requirements, what to do to get started, and other basics to consider.

HOW TO...DEVELOP POWERFUL PRESENTATION SKILLS - An awesome resource, well written, and extensive.

HOW TO...QUALIFY LEADS AND PROSPECTS - Another extensive and comprehensive article.

HUNT WITH THE YOUNG LIONS - A new survey uncovers three kinds of successful real estate agents.

LIVING WITH RISK AND KNOW THE RISKS - Know the risks of being a real estate agent in these litigious times. Well written by real estate professionals.

MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE - Walk a mile in your client's shoes and improve your relationship. By Ruth Meyer, CRS

OPENING STATEMENT SCRIPT - You can't make sales if you can't build rapport. A fill in the blanks script you can customize to your personality.

PERSONAL NEWSLETTER - YOUR HOME ON-LINE - An online newsletter that you personalize and can send to your prospects and clients. There is a fee involved.

QUESTIONING TIPS TO HELP YOU SELL MORE - Great food for thought. How can you get your prospects and clients to open up more.

REACHING CUSTOMERS - WHO AND HOW? - There are 3 ways to increase sales: 1.sell to more new customers, 2.sell more to your current customers, and 3.sell more to both.

REAL ESTATE AS A CAREER - A realistic and positive look at an exciting opportunity. Well categorized and treated.

REAL ESTATE DEFINITIONS - A PRIMER - A very good look at term you will run across now that you are in the field. Things you may not have learned studying for the test.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - One agents approach to what he calls "a low risk advantage." Definitely worth the read.

SELLING MORE HOMES - By showing the right house on the first try. A provocative article written by The Sales Doctors.

SMALL AND HOME BASED BUSINESS LINKS - You are in business for yourself. Here are some great resources that you will need.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF REAL ESTATE SALES - Thou shalt and shalt not. Very good stuff.

TOP TIPS FOR GROWTH - Visualize, delegate and personalize to keep your your sales soaring in today's market. By Dave Beson, CRS

TWELVE STEPS TO THE SUCCESSFUL COLD CALL - By Mark Sanford, Ph.D. Finally, a 12 step program for sales!

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE PLAIN, ORDINARY SALESPERSON? - Don't learn so much about selling that you forget the basics; like asking for the sale! A good read.

YOUR CUSTOMERS - WHO ARE THEY? - How to identify and organize your prospects into a hierarchy of importance. Work on the most likely first.

103 MARKETING IDEAS TO HELP GROW YOUR BUSINESS - Plenty of great ideas here.

CASHING IN ON REFINANCING - Techniques to convert re-fi's to buyers or sellers.

Direct Marketing Offers True Cost Accountability
Differentiate Your Way to Success
Changing Role of Sales Professionals, The
Breakthrough Thinking and Market Leadership
Case Study in Profit Improvement
Ideal Performance State, The
A Customer's Rule -- The Strategy for 2002
Service Sells
Database Can Make Or Break Direct Marketing Efforts
Characteristics of a Good Leader
'Company First' Attitude Leads To Extinction - 'Customer First' Attitude Keeps Business Vibrant
A Total Quality Management Approach to Sales
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Salesforce Automation
Developing an Advisory Board
Setting your ad budget
Power Sell, Unleashing Organizational Creativity


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