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Networks can and should include many components. A solid base within the Professional Real Estate community is essential. You may click here to find Top Producers with whom you may network, or you may search for Realtors By State.

Following that are many useful articles, tips, and resources to help you build a strong network.

Creating a Team
Can our team function like the 49er's?

Creating Referrals
Do not go to the ocean with a teaspoon, get a bucket.

AGENT2AGENT - A low cost alternative to referral services. You contact the other agents yourself and work out your own deal with them. You can read or post.

REFERRAL NETWORK - Fill out the questionnaire and be contacted to join online referral service. Prospecting for shy Realtors.

GROWING FUTURE CUSTOMERS Selling is like farming... you plant now and harvest later. Build referrals now by giving good customer service.

HOME MARKET.COM - A referral network covering many industries. A good real estate section. You may find links here for services you are looking for.

MULTIPLY YOUR SALES THROUGH REFERRALS - How to ask for referrals, who to ask, and when to ask. Good stuff.

ONLINE AGENT REFERRAL - Agent to Agent Relocation Referral Service pays 20% commission for referrals.

NETWORKING - MORE SALES TO BUSINESSES - Often overlooked marketing technique. Virtually no competition. Become and expert within a company.

NETWORKING WITH A PURPOSE - A well defined approach to building a network by following some basic principles. Recommended reading.

NETWORKING...SO, WHAT DO I DO? - A very good study of just how to make networking work for you. A realistic approach.

UNLIMITED REFERRALS - How to develop customer loyalty. A series or articles professionally addressing the topic. By The Sales Doctors.

WHAT'S THE BEST FORM OF ADVERTISING? - That's right... Word of mouth. How to get others to tell your story for you. How to develop loyalty, etc.

MUTUAL BENEFIT MARKETING - How to build a referral list and who to include.

Company First' Attitude Leads To Extinction - 'Customer First' Attitude Keeps Business Vibrant
Direct Marketing Offers True Cost Accountability

Developing an Advisory Board
Characteristics of a Good Leader
Ideal Performance State, The
A Total Quality Management Approach to Sales
Power Sell, Unleashing Organizational Creativity
Database Can Make Or Break Direct Marketing Efforts
Breakthrough Thinking and Market Leadership
Changing Role of Sales Professionals, The