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Getting Started - Handling Objections

Many great resources can also be found in Success Tools and Top Producers Secrets.


10 STRATEGIES FOR DEALING WITH OBJECTIONS - Turn the objection into a reason for buying; see the objection as a question; and others. Pam Lontos ran Disney Broadcasting Sales and raised sales 500% in one year!

6 SALES OBJECTIONS AND MISTAKES SALES REPS MAKE - Such as; putting words into the prospects mouth; avoiding the issue; contradicting the prospect. What are the alternatives? Read on.

HANDLING OBJECTIONS - This actually should be several different resources. There are several articles here, most all related to overcoming objections. Some other sales themes.

HOW TO IDENTIFY AND OVERCOME OBJECTIONS - you can't overcome them if you don't know what they are. Clients don't always tell us. Learn to uncover the hidden communication.

ELIMINATING OBJECTIONS - Well now, that's one way to deal with them. By Pam Lontos. Dynamic stuff.

REASONS PEOPLE OBJECT - Overcome by avoiding. Don't raise objections in the first place.

SELLING AGAINST COMPETITION - I am sure that you are the only agent in your city, but read this anyhow just to see how others have dealt with this.

SELLING IN THE FACE OF OBJECTIONS - Part 1. Some of the most common; price; "you're trying to sell me"; and others.

SELLING IN THE FACE OF OBJECTIONS - Part 2. Objections don't stop the sale, they just redirect the communication

TURNING THE SALES OBJECTION AROUND - Step by step process for turning objections into reasons for deciding now.

TURNING TAX QUESTIONS INTO OPPORTUNITIES - Written with a commercial slant, still great information for everybody on dealing with this pesky issue.

4 STEP OBJECTION ANSWERING PROCESS - Makes a lot of good sense. Easy to execute.



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