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Hardware And Software

Additional resources may be found in Great Free Stuff.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: Buildium, LLC is the best online property management software provider for landlords, professional property managers, self-managed condos and homeowner associations (HOAs).

SALES AUTOMATION GROUP, Chandler, AZ - Specializing in call center solutions, predictive dialers, mini predictive dialers, and automated dialers.  Authorized solutions provider for the #1 - rated contact management system, GoldMine Software.  We also offer customization and training, evaluate, free for 60 days full working demo.

RealtyStar Inc. Turning Contacts into CLIENTS! One-stop real estate software source for motivated Real Estate Professionals. Contact Management, Prospecting, Presentation software, training and support.

RENT MANAGER PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE - Property Management Software with full accounting, work orders, and utility billing.

Realize Solutions

ProAPOD Real Estate Investment Software - Real Estate Investment Software

ALL INTERNET - Specializing in hardware solutions. Very comprehensive, clickable, and readable.

APPLE SUPPORT INFO - A great site for all INFO relating to apple products support, software, and hardware.

C-NET PRODUCT REVIEWS - One of the largest and most respected internet resources. Read before you invest. Technology changes very fast.

COMPAQ - A very impressive site. Easily clickable locations. Business, personal, home office, technology.

DIGITAL'S ELECTRONIC SERVICES - A full array of support, information, and resources from one of the nations largest hardware manufacturers.

FILE PILE - Over 1 million easily searchable files to download. A great internal search engine.

GALT SHAREWARE ZONE - This is a terrific site. You can click for a preview of some of the products.

HEWLETT PACKARD HOME PAGE - Find out what is new at HP and current printer and peripheral technology.

IBM - These guys are pretty big. Try them for the absolute latest in updates and technology.

INFOMATRIX - A mega site. Links to hundreds of shareware site representing millions of files.

INTEL HOME PAGE - Simply awesome. Find out what the latest processor speed available is. WOW!

JUMBO SHAREWARE AND FREEWARE - Nicely categorized and they add 10,000 titles everyday at 10:AM.

MICROSOFT.COM SMALL BIZ - Devoted entirely to small business support an products. A great site.

MICROSOFT HOME PAGE - Don't do anything in software solutions until you have visited MS. Latest product updates, links to their product support sites.

MORE FROM YAHOO - Dozens of software links for real estate professionals with a small synopsis after each one.

NEC ONLINE - Another one of the largest hardware providers. See what is new with the big boys.

PASS THE SHAREWARE PLEASE - Shareware sites reviewed and categorized to help you narrow your search.

PC TODAY CATALOG - One of the largest online magazine services. A great site with links to other great sites. Product reviews.

PC CYBERSHOP - Part of PC Today magazine. Check out the "New Technology Showcase" for the latest in what is and what will be.

RELATED SOFTWARE - Includes title, mortgage, residential, commercial, etc. Very good starting point for any search.

SHAREWARE JUNKIES - Read extensive reviews on software and submit your own feedback. Search for shareware.

SOFTWARE.NET - Huge information and product resource for software and hardware applications. A listing of hard to find 800 numbers for support.

TITLE LINKS PAGE - TitleLink's mission is to provide a value added network for all parties involved in real estate transactions.

ALL INTERNET - Sister site to their hardware site. Nice to have it separated.

C-NET SHAREWARE.COM - One of the biggest on the Internet. Quick search capable.

CLICKED SHAREWARE GALLERY - Nicely organized. 350 + games.

DOWNLOAD.COM - Download, quick search, easily categorized and navigable.

FREE INTERNET SOFTWARE - For all platforms.

HOT OFFICE TECHNOLOGIES - Specializing in products for small businesses.

TUCOWS - One of the largest sites of its kind on the Net.

PRODUCT SHOWCASE - Beautifully laid out and categorized. Mostly hardware.

REALTY GUIDE'S SOFTWARE PAGE - Specifically for the real estate professional.

PROPERTY BOSS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE - Property Management for non-accountants.   Works with Quickbooks and Word to simplify and automate your tasks.  Windows 95/98/NT.


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