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Money Making Opportunities

We continually select what we feel to be the best money making opportunities available via the Net. The list, from 8 to 14 deep, is updated regularly. Some of these are free, and some are not. . We try not to let the initial investment weigh too heavily in our rating these businesses. We do realize, however, that thanks to the Internet, there are a lot of opportunities available for very little initial cash outlay.




Wealth Investment Network - FREE Reports - FREE Classifieds - FREE Software - People Finder - Credit Reports - How-to Articles - Real Estate Association Directory - On-Line Experts - Chat Room & Newsgroup.  Over 7,300 pages of must-have information.

THE ULTIMATE TEAM - Greg and Darrell have risen to the top of the MLM pile. Their association with K.A.R.E. has brought them wealth and a copyrighted training and earning system that they tirelessly share with their downline...and yours. They use conference calls, fax on demand, lead distribution, and extensive advertising to support others to the kind of wealth they have been able to generate for themselves. This is MLM as it is designed to be.

AMERICAN OFFSHORE TRUST - "OFS's Offshore Special Report Number 5599 will change peoples lives throughout the world by showing them how they can make and save money by removing themselves from the strict rules, regulations, and tax burdens their government has imposed on them in the last few years." This is from their material. This is a great opportunity for those with a sophisticated approach to marketing. A very "Hot" product that grabs the ear of a very select market.

ADGRAFIX - This, we feel, is one of the most timely opportunities available on the Web. The Internet is growing exponentially right now. You know new people coming on every day. This is not MLM, but it works similar. There is no downline to manage or build, you simply get paid on a referral basis. Great for people with other income streams who can always use more, and substantial amounts possible. Has monthly annuity built in.

LAUNDRY DETERGENT SOLUTIONS - How would you like to make money every time someone does laundry? It's like that. This is a sealed ball that goes inside the wash and takes the place of detergent and bleach (in most cases). I have used the product, and it seems to work fine. Although we have not signed up for this, it is intriguing and we well may. There is some controversy about whether this product tests out. The brochures make no wild claims. They say there are times when you might need detergent, but most times, the ball works great. A great money saver and people really listen when you tell them about it. MLM with a good pay plan.

IHI - This is the best of the collectibles. There is a very fine line of excellent quality items. Not so many that you feel like an Amway distributor. Any good MLM relies very heavily on the upline. Van, who is the upline trainer, has a great deal of experience in MLM and has been a speaker and motivator, so he is great to listen to.

ROBERT ALLEN - FINANCIAL LIBERTY ASSOCIATES - This we highly recommend. Robert Allen has been building Millionaires for years. His methods work if you work them. His site, as well as his materials, are easy to follow and make a lot of sense to us. Seems a natural for a real estate professional.

YES! WE ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS - This is an online application for credit card merchant accounts. Any business that you have will be greatly enhanced and have much more credibility by your ability to accept and process credit card payments. No business should be without this ability.

NET OPP - We like this one. An MLM with punch. You can earn while you surf. This is a good one if you already do a lot of "Surfing."  The pay plan is generous and their prices for their internet services and pretty standard. A great site with lots of information and a great FAQ sections. Worth a serious look.


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