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Great, low cost site
promotion and money
making opportunity.

Prospecting Tools - Self Promotion - Ideas, Tips, Scripts, Articles
Self Promotion

ANNOUNCEMENT: No other promotion company offers this service!  Real Marketing is now submitting web sites to 500+ Free Link Pages and this service is FREE!   To Learn more go to

100 CLEVER SLOGANS FOR RE AGENTS - And other great ideas and tools. A great site for ideas to promote yourself and your company.

103 MARKETING IDEAS - Signage, fax marketing, e-mail, seminar marketing, Web marketing, etc. A truly terrific resource.

WeAdvertise.Com - Targeting the Real Estate Agents Promotional Needs!

20 WAYS TO DISCOVER A GOLD MINE OF PROSPECTS - Places to look for "lost" prospects. They're everywhere!

22 RULES FOR SELF PROMOTION - Some new, some obvious but maybe overlooked, others old but still dynamite.

6,500 PRESS RELEASES - Get your Web Site noticed. These people charge a fee, but it is reasonable. There is great power in the press release.

DON'T SELL YOURSELF SHORT - Don't quit. If you are struggling, you can make it. If you're making it, you can make more.

FREE SALES RESOURCES - Terrific site. Gifts, search tools, marketing tools, and other resources for getting noticed.

GENERATING SALES LEADS - Ways to get in front of more people for more opportunities. The Sales Doctors.

GET RECOGNIZED... EVERY WEEK - Specifically for the Real Estate Agent. Be your own public relations expert.

HOW TO BECOME INDISPENSABLE TO CUSTOMERS - The best way to promote yourself is to become necessary not redundant. Unique ideas.

HOW TO CREATE A NEWSLETTER - One of the most powerful ways to persuade and influence people (selling). Should a newsletter be in your future?

HOW TO MAKE 5,000 SALES CALLS IN ONE DAY - If we told you, it wouldn't be a surprise now, would it?

MUTUAL BENEFIT MARKETING - Some good ideas for free, then a chance to pay for more. That's fair. Good ideas.

NEWSLETTERS BUILD CREDIBILITY - Reasons to, how to, when to. Packed with information.

NEWSPAPER INSERTS - A very effective tool used properly. A low cost alternative to direct mail. It works. Here's how.

SHOULD A NEWSLETTER BE IN YOUR FUTURE - Yes. More tips on how, when, and why.

START AN ON-LINE NEWSLETTER - Specifically designed and marketed to Real Estate Agents. They are charging for this service, but well worth it.

UNLIMITED REFERRALS - How to create a wealth of referrals and fill "the pipeline" with opportunities.

USING NEWSLETTERS TO ATTRACT MORE CUSTOMERS - Some more interesting and useful ideas.

MORE GREAT IDEAS - Tons of great stuff. Newsletters, phone follow-ups, etc.

ONE PHONE NUMBER REACHES YOU ANYTIME - A must for the "phone taggers."



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