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Legal LIbrary - Research Tools - Mega Legal Resources - FREE! advice - Journals - Associations - Newsletters

In this room of you will find many legal resources. Many are free for you to use. There are myriad forms, articles, case histories, and journals to read. They have been carefully indexed for you to be able to quickly find.

AMERICAN ARBITRATION ASSOCIATION _ Their home page. Every agent and every buyer/seller should be aware of the AAA and its impact on real estate transactions throughout the US.

WEST'S LAW DIRECTORY - A free directory of and to hundreds of Lawyers. Information about lawyers, answers to legal questions, information about the function of government offices, etc. A great place to start.

ATLAS TRADEMARK SEARCH - This is why the Web exists; information now and inexpensively. $5 for a trademark search! Save hundreds.

COURT TV LAW CENTER - Very comprehensive. Current rulings, elder law, Johnny Cochran on line (who could ask for more?).

CYBERLAW - Don't assume that what you know applies to the Internet. This is new territory.

FEDERAL AGENCIES AND COMMISSIONS - A great site. Easy to read buttons to most of the federal agencies.

THE LAW ENGINE - A mega site! Great links to great sites of interest legally. Powerful search engine, categorized and sub categorized. Very navigable.

LAW JOURNAL EXTRA - REAL ESTATE LAW - News, columns, statutes, and a marketplace for software and related products. FREE INFO and research.

LAWMALL - LawLinks is a significant site with referrals to software, attorneys, legal newsletters, most at significant savings. Not FREE, but worth the visit.

LAWYERS WEEKLY - Widely read weekly newspaper. Comprehensive and easily searched.

LEGAL AND POLICE DATABASES - Searchable. You won't spend much time looking for what you want.

LEGAL SURVIVAL - Lots of FREE information including a free monthly newsletter. Referrals to lawyers for a fee as well. Contains a lot of information.

MCKENZIE & MCKENZIE PC - Tax dispute lawyers. Good resource page with FREE information.

NOLO'S LEGAL ENCYCLOPEDIA - Very thorough, very easily searchable, and well organized into sub-categories.

PERILS IN NEW TELEMARKETING LAW - Written by The Sales Doctors, a must read for telemarketers of all kinds. Potential $10,000 fine if abused!

PITSCO'S ASK AN EXPERT - Many different categories, mostly free, definitely reasonable.

REAL PROPERTY LAW MATERIALS - State and Federal statutes and a good search engine.

REAL ESTATE PRACTICE GROUP NEWSLETTER - Current articles on current situations. Visit often to see what's new.

SENIOR LAW HOME PAGE Items of interest to seniors. Great search engine and updates.

USALAW - A great resource for the legal professional and non-professional alike. Easily categorized and push buttons.

WWLAW NEWSLETTER DIRECTORY - Topical guide to legal newsletters that you can read on-line or download to your own file. Excellent resource.

ARIZONA REVISED STATUTES - TITLE 33 - Searchable text. Very well done.

FEDLAW - GSA index of federal regulations from all branches.

LAWLINKS - 48 of 50 state referrals to attorneys.

LAWS.COM - A compendium of legal resources. Very well organized.

LEGAL dot NET - The legal resource for everyone.

MORTGAGE LAW MATERIALS - State and Federal statutes and a good search engine.

NY COURT OF APPEALS SEARCH ENGINE - Find it fast if it happened in New York.

REAL ESTATE LAW - Pitluck, Kido, et al. Very specific.

STATE BAR ASSOCIATIONS - Jump station to all 50 states' bas associations.

TRUE NORTH LAW RESOURCES - Links to hundreds of legal resources.

US FEDERAL JUDICIARY - A massive law resource.

Houston's Lawyers Center Online


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