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TOP PRODUCERS SECRETS - These Are The Secrets Of Success Of The Top Real Estate Agents In The Country. You May Read These Processionals Stories And You May Take Their Ideas And Use Them As Your Own - If You Are A Top Producer You May Submit Your Own - These Are Changed Regularly So Visit Often

Herein lie the secrets of success. These are current articles written by only the Top Producers in the Country. This is not real estate theory. These are current tips and tools that these men and women have used to propell them to the top.

These agents are showcased because of their commitment to excellence. There is included with each article, a direct link to that agents HomePage. If you are currently looking for a qualified Residential Real Estate Agent, we encourage you to contact one of these individuals.

If you are a Real Estate Professional with your own success story that you feel would benfit others and would like to learn how to submit your "Secret" to us, click here now. Otherwise, enjoy the tips and secrets offered by these proven leaders in this very competitive profession.



August 20, 1997 Judy Wolfson
Ok, so now that you are convinced of the importance of the Internet ... how do you raise the level of awareness of Internet marketing to your buyers and sellers? How do you let them know that you are one of the VERY BEST AGENTS because YOU can market their home on the Internet.

Here are a number of things you can do to publicize your Internet presence :

1) Print your URL # and e-mail address on all business cards, mini-brochures and all other printed materials.

2) Create a rubber stamp that says "NO snail mail" with your URL and email address and stamp the envelope of every piece of mail sent via "snail mail".

3) Send out "custom printed" postcards to farm areas. These cardsemphasize the effectiveness of having a home marketed on the Internet. They are "full-color" postcards in a series of 12 different "famous & unique" homes from around the world (all marked "SOLD"), again reiterating the effect of marketing on the Worldwide Internet.

4) Call the local newspapers to see if they are interested in interviewing you regarding your success in "marketing of real estate on the Internet". (I called 4 and 3 said YES!!)

My first year on the INTERNET taught me that whatever I was doing with Web Marketing was definitely not enough! I am now firmly convinced that, in the very near future, THE NUMBER ONE SOURCE OF LEADS in the real estate field will be generated via the Internet.

Here is how I plan to capitalize on this new fact of life:

I am currently expanding and refining my Internet Exposure by establishing affinity relationships with unique web sites. I had already discovered that my Web sites were much more effective when I "linked" my home page with others of special interest to potential home buyers or sellers.

It was a short step from that to the realization that what I REALLY wanted was for those other sites to provide links from their pages to ME!!!! This works well for several reasons:

1) Third-party endorsement. Having others "recommend" me to consumerswho visited their pages gives me added credibility.

2) Increased quantity of leads. Getting leads from other real estate related Web Sites greatly increases the number of leads I get.

3) Improved quality of leads. Since these other Web Sites have the ability to sort leads by geographic area, the leads I receive are more apt to be within my selling area, and more apt to be ready to buy or sell in the near future.

Here are three Web Sites that offer wonderful opportunities for REALTORS to get business at very reasonable prices:

1) The HomeOwners Finance Center ---- This comprehensive mortgage information Web Site is already a "hit" with consumers and professionals alike, having won recognition as oneof the "Top 5% All Web Sites" .

2) RESICOM Analytics is a FABULOUS and UNIQUE web site. Everyone who sees this web site is very impressed. It allows agents to get detailed reports on any property in the United States ( yes, commercial properties, too) right on-line. These reports give details on the PAST APPRECIATION HISTORY of the property, as well as a prediction of he FUTURE APPRECIATION POTENTIAL of the property. The report also includes terrific demographics, and much, much more. The best part is, the report is generated with your name and contact information on it.You can print it, or even fax it right to your buyers from the site. Check it out -------

3) The National School Reporting Company offers a variety of outlets from which REALTORS may receive leads. Many of you may already be familiar with this company because of their very valuable and widely-used product, which provides a full detailed school report for any school district in the country. Now they have a BRAND NEW Web Site that has sent many leads my way !! You don't even need to have a website to receive these leads... just an "e-mail address".

If you are interested in learning more, just let me know and I can provide a special "Judi Wolfson's Seminar" DISCOUNT, then just send me an e-mail and ask for information on the "seminar discount for the school reports". Feel free to contact me at: (Judi Wolfson, E-mail)

OR from my website

Judy Wolfson Contact Judy
June 30, 1997 Hilton Johnson


This is the mother-lode of strategies for writing sales letters (at least the ones that get read), so here are some important points to remember:

A. Target your headline to your specific ideal customer or client ("If You Would Like To Get Rid Of Those Ugly Wrinkles, Warts And Zits...")

B. Focus the headline on the pain or motivations of your prospects. ("Don't Make The Seven Mistakes Of...")

C. Don't try to be cute, clever, creative or manipulative.

D. Forget about the myth of keeping headlines eight words or less. Make it as long as you like in order to attract your ideal client's attention.

E. Learn to write good headlines by tweaking and twisting OTHER companies' (past or present) headlines that grab YOUR attention and then make them your own.

Enough said about headlines.


If your headline is good enough and if you are reaching a prospect that has an interest in your subject, they will read the beginning of the first paragraph. It's right here that you need a "hook" to keep them reading.

One of the best ways to "grab them" in that first sentence is to focus the most newsworthy point of your message in the first sentence (you can explain the details later). Here's a strategy for doing that:

Pretend that you're calling a friend to report some important news and the friend asks you what happened. The answer to that question is your lead: "Our Company Is Offering A Guarantee That Will Change Forever The Way Our Industry Does Business."


Sprinkle several subheadings throughout your letter when you're going to change the direction of your message. Also keep in mind that what you want to accomplish is to deliver the entire message (presentation) to your prospect by them reading the headline, the subheadings and the P.S.


This one causes a lot of arguments between some folks and myself: Give your complete sales presentation.

That's right, tell the entire story from beginning to end--no matter how many pages it takes.

Yes, it's true that most people won't read a long letter but so what? The important thing to remember is that you only need and want the perfect prospect to read it anyway.

You see, your ideal prospect will see your headline, and if it zeros right in on his/her hot buttons, he/she will be COMPELLED to read the entire story because this person has a strong interest in what you're

selling. And when you get THAT kind of prospect, you want to give them your entire pitch. You may never get another chance to tell your story if you don't.


Suppose you were sitting across the table from a qualified prospect and they were not only showing strong interest in your proposal, but they were actually ASKING you to explain the whole would you do it?

Would you try to speak professionally? Would you use big words? Would you try and be clever? Would you give them only *part* of the story? I didn't think so.

Write a sales letter like you normally speak. Personalize your talk in a omfortable, conversational manner. Let your natural humor(assuming you have one) flow spontaneously...are we communicating?

That's how you make your sales letters conversational (and persuasive).

Note: As I'm writing this newsletter I'm thinking, "Good grief, I'd better sound conversational MYSELF and perhaps insert some humor here and there and, hmmm...maybe this is not as easy to explain (and do) as I thought."


Okay, so we said that if they don't read the entire letter we could still convey our message by having them read the bold headlines, subheadings and the P.S. at the end of the letter...right? Well, I forgot something:

When you have a key phrase or point you want to make but you don't want to "shout" at them with bold letters or a subheading, the next best thing is to simply underline the important points or key words. (I was going to give you an example here but heck, email doesn't do underlines)

Anyway, when they read the headline, the subheadings, the underlined text, the P.S., and nothing more, you've still given your entire a summary fashion. Not bad.


It's almost standard practice (whatever that means) to offer "better than risk free" guarantees in sales letters. That is, to offer a total satisfaction guarantee plus a free gift for "just trying the program out" if they should ask for a refund.

The problem with offering guarantees is that most people don't know how to take advantage of them. The idea behind guarantees is that yes, you may have to make a refund occasionally, but your guarantee could

quadruple your sales overall because their is no risk in doing business with you. Get the picture?

If you're going to offer a guarantee or a warranty, you want to play it up. In other words, make it a major part of your sales pitch. Even better, make it part of your headline. Let people know about it in a big way.

Guarantees are very powerful...if you know how to use them.


It's almost impossible to see a successful marketing company that doesn't use testimonials as a large part of their infomercials, advertising and sales letters. Why? They work!

You already know that, but do you know HOW to get testimonials?

If you think that all you have to do is do a good job and then ask for them, you'd better think again.

To get satisfied customers and clients to write testimonial letters, appear on a video or on a cassette, you have to make it incredibly easy for them...or make it worth their while.

You have to do things like offer to write the letter for them, stick a camera in their face and ask them your questions or offer them a free gift. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea. (That last sentence is classic sales letter language.)

If you doubt the power of testimonials, just ask yourself how often do you buy things (especially expensive things) without hearing or seeing other people endorse the product first. Not too often I'll bet.


Don't give me a hard time on this one because I don't really mean this in a bad way.

When you see headlines, phrases, techniques and especially conversational language that appeals to you, copy it, try it, and if it works, keep it. (There is an expression: "There is nothing new out's just the way it's being presented.")

Hilton Johnson

-Contact : Hilton Johnson The Sales University
May 27, 1997 Paul Kelley
Paul Kelley - CRB, CRS Re/Max Affiliates
Alexandria, Va.

I did three tours of duty as a fighter pilot, spent six weeks running from Chinese soldiers, got my masters' degree between tours of duty, and taught for 10 years in inner city public schools after the war - so becoming a pioneer buyers' agent in 1989 didn't scare me.

I feel the industry today is upside down because we have the buyers' being represented in a fiduciary capacity by a listing agency. The consumer in our industry has always really been the buyer.

I have often been the lonely voice for the buyers' agency, which has helped me carve a niche that produces $5 million annually... with no assistants.

I will never represent both sides of a transaction. That is part of my "Pledge of Allegiance" to my buyers. Along with my "Buyers' Bill of Rights" both run in the local Homes and Land Magazine monthly.

This helps me project an image of trust and character to my potential clients. I include my resume and client endorsements in my pre-listing packet and mention that I am a facilitator for the leadership training program of Stephen Covey.

The industry still has this thing about how much sales volume a person has done, but if you're looking for a brain surgeon, do you care how much money he has made or how many successful operations he has performed?

My major marketing tool aside from display ads is my web page ( which I keep linked to many different places. Clients come to my site from many different locations. I have included music on my site to make it pleasant for clients when they come.

If you are interested in knowing more, or if you would like a copy of either my "Bill of Rights" or my "Pledge of Allegiance", please contact me by clicking on the link below.

-Contact : Paul Kelley C21 Westside
August 12, 1997 Steve Levine

Marketing is the secret to all! Over my 11 years in the business, I've found that by defining and mastering the different types of marketing and applying each in its own way, I have been able to achieve sales in 1996 of Over $25 million in Volume, Over $500,000 in commissions, and about 125 transactions all without any assistants.

Here's a sysopsis of some different types of marketing, which I've taken from a Chapter of my forthcoming book, condensed here for brevity. If anyone wants the whole chapter on marketing, please let me know and I'll E-Mail it over for you.

First, here's some info on the source of listings... 5% select an agent based on the fact that the agent does a lot of business in the area and seems to sell many homes with a low average time on market 10% will get a recommendation from a friend. 20% will list with the agent who sold them the home, even if they really didn’t like the agent that much and have gotten no follow-up from them since the closing. They just don’t know who else to call. 10% will have been "assigned" and agent via a relocation company of some kind

10% will call an agent who regularly "farms" a neighborhood

1% will call a specific Real Estate firm due to an institutional ad

:That leaves 44% who fall into a category known as "Dumb-Ass Luck" or "DAL" This means that the "DAL" factor accounts for upwards of 44% of the listings in a given community at any one time. There are many examples of a DAL listing, and I’ll bet that as you look back over your last year, you will find that you too can account for a huge percentage of business resulting from the DAL factor. What is a DAL listing? Well, I guess a DAL listing is probably one that falls into none of the categories above! Here’s a simple test. If they didn’t call you because of a referral, and they didn’t call you because you farm the neighborhood, and you didn’t sell them the house 2 years ago, odds are that it was a DAL. Here’s a couple of examples…..

a. You met them while doing an open house at one of your other listings. They didn’t buy it, but you stated working with them from that point on and wound up listing their home.

b. They called on an add for another home you had for sale and you turned it into a CMA call.

c. You met them because their son plays soccer with yours, aka a "social meeting".

d. You bumped into them while they were walking around at a new home site and you were out with another client.

e. You know them from church or synogogue

As you can see, in none of these cases does the caliber of agent come into question. It’s just a chance occurrence. Now of course, don’t misunderstand my point. There is still a reason why a real estate mega-superstar gets 50 of these DAL listings a year, versus a newbie who gets 3. The three reasons are:

(1) The superstar knowingly or unknowingly puts themselves into positions where they are apt to get "lucky" more often;

(2) The superstar has lerned how to close so well that they can convert more of these DAL’s into successful listings; and

(3) Success begats success. The agent who is successful has a lot of listings and is likely to be running more ads which means more calls which means more DAL listings, which means more ads etc….:

The most important thing to remember though is don’t despair. Don’t avoid the lolely DAL as the lowest form of business! Embrace It! Master It! Recognize that it represents nearly half of the business in town and there’s nothing you can do about it. The arrogant Realtor who views DAL’s as a lower form of life is missing the big picture!! :

Marketing... Here's a really brief breakdown on my different marketing: techniques::

Institutional Marketing - The use of generic advertisments which have no: specific call to action. Examples would be an ad that says, "Thinking of quality, think of Nancy White," another example might be placing an ad in the local Bosster club booklet, or a shopping cart etc..:

Emotional Response Marketing - All the rage now in the US for all different types of industries. "Don’t get ripped off when buying a new home, call today for FREE REPORT." This is effective sometimes. My advice.. Skip the balzing, "Call today for FREE REPORT" headlines, the public's figured it out. Instad write an informational article in a local paper and just drop the, "By the way, I have a bunch of other ideas for saving money..." "I suppose if you want more you can give me a call..." You'll get a much better response:

Drip Marketing - The constant flooding of a geographic area with marketing materials, which can be of great quality or poor quality, without much difference in the response rate. This may be a constant monthly recipe card to 2000 homes. Effective only because they will often arrive at just the right moment.:

Niche marketing - Identifying particular target segmants based on non-geographic criteria, such as membership in a particular club or group, people who just got married, had babies, etc...:

Bottleneck marketing - My personal favorite. Finding the "bottlenecks" in LIFE in which a particular group of your desired clients must pass in order to carry out there daily non-real estate related existence. Too complex to talk about in this small a sapace, but the most powerful thing I've ever done.

Shotgun Marketing - The mass marketing using deliberately low-end materials in such a fashion that you are basically throwing things against a wall to see what sticks and disregarding the rest. An example might be a flyer in the local free paper that goes out to 20,000 homes offering some hook. Other examples might be a "Super-Coups" or Val-Pak" type of distribution. They don’t work because they’re the greatest pieces in the world, they work because they’re massive in numbers.:

Which program is best for you? Well the simple answer is that the superstars use them all! For all of these different programs work in their own right and used together you’ll be unstoppable. The mistake often made is that an agent will select one particular type to stick with and ignore the potential profits which might be generated if they expanded their horizons to include other means:


: Visit my website at


Steve Levine - RE/MAX First Choice Contact Steve
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