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is designed to be the only real estate resource that you will ever need. Founded by a successful real estate agent and national sales trainer, and the president of a leading mortgage company, it contains all the tools that real estate professionals and clients need. We currently have more than 100,000 resources essential to building your career and keeping it on track.

We re a 3 Click Site. We have organized everything under easily identifiable category headings so that you don’t have to spend your valuable time searching through endless lines of text for that one precious nugget of information that you need, NOW! We have included thousands of the most sought after sites for agents and consumers personal interests as well.

We have spent thousands of hours searching the Web for cutting edge information, ideas, and products so that you don’t have to.

We have placed "Home" buttons throughout the library so that you can easily get back to where you started. We have also included an area called "Coffee Break". This is a place for you to go to when you just want to relax and have fun.

We want you to come to the Library and feel right at home. It is our goal to include only those resources that are proven to be useful and current. We rely heavily on the feedback of the real estate professionals that we serve. On each page there is an "e-mail" icon for you to push whenever you have an idea, comment, or criticism for us.

All of the essential resources that you find here are absolutely FREE! There is no membership to purchase and no hidden products. We are supported by those who rely on the patronage of those we serve. To that end, we would ask that you visit the advertisers home pages whenever possible.

It is easy to use, informational, fun, and FREE!


NO! There is no charge for any of the essential resources in the Library. neither produces nor sells any products. We have gathered all of the free resources available on the internet for real estate agents, financial sources, buyers, and sellers. This information is 100% FREE!

does not charge for any of its information. You only pay for those items that pays for. Usually at a substantial savings.


represents thousands of hours of research. We have searched the internet for all the information that real estate and finance professionals, buyers, and sellers need. Every resource available on the net is represented in The Library. It is all categorized and organized so that you can quickly identify the information that you need, and with the click of a mouse button, easily arrive at your destination.

You will come for your real estate needs, but you will stay for the wealth of information that is available not only to assist you in your real estate needs, but in virtually as aspects of your life.


We have designed the library to be user friendly. We want you to easily find what you are looking for by doing more clicking and less reading until you get to the document or information that is your final destination.

We have simplified everything for you. Each essential category is set apart by an icon (a logo specific to the category). Just click on the icon (or the different colored and underlined text) and you will go directly to the document related to that topic. Where there is an abundance of information, we have broken that down into sub categories identified again by a logo or highlighted text link (a way to get where you are going by clicking your mouse on the text or logo).

There are approximately 25 main groupings. These are the essential areas of information that you will need on a regular basis. After you have clicked on one of the categories, you will find that most have been divided into sub categories for easy identification of the information that you seek.

We can be reached by e-mail at or for advertising information at Or, just click on one of the e-mail icons throughout the Library.


Feel free to contact us at:

The Real Estate Library
200 SW Shining Mist
Depoe Bay, Oregon 97345

Phone: 541.765.3090




Copyright 1997- All Rights Reserved