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Fire Prevention Resources, Tips, Articles, And FREE! Reports


FIRE SAFETY IN THE HOME - Themes; electrical hazards; barbecues and chimneys; matches and cigarettes, smoke detectors; fire extinguishers; and planning the escape route.

AUSTIN FIRE DEPARTMENT SAFETY TIPS - More good stuff. Some common sense, some you haven't thought of.

FIRE SAFETY TIPS FOR SENIOR CITIZENS - Totally user friendly. Easy to read, clickable resource buttons.

FT WAYNE, IN FIRE TIPS - Nicely done. How to treat a burn, stop drop and roll, product recalls, and much more.

GENERAL FIRE SAFETY ITEMS - Very basic. A good place to start if you have no fire safety awareness.

MOBILE HOME FIRE SAFETY - A must read. Mobile home occupants are twice as likely to die in a fire than one or two family home occupants.

15 TIPS FOR FIRE SAFETY - 15 tips... not a lot else. Good tips, however.

COMPUTER FIRE SAFETY TIPS - Things to know about using your computer safely.

FIRE SAFETY TIPS FOR OLDER ADULTS - Nicely done and well thought out.

LOWE'S FIRE SAFETY - What to do, what to avoid. Well done.

PERSONAL SECURITY - Carbon monoxide and gas detectors.



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