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FINANCING RESOURCES - Links To Lenders, Mega Sites With Current Rates By State And Region, Calculators, FREE! Reports

THE MORTGAGE EXCHANGE - Home of the 5 MINUTE mortgage approval. "Live Underwriters" for immediate approval! Helful credit tips. Financing Condo's, Co-Op's, Multiple Housing, and Commercial. A one stop site.

AFFORDABILITY CALCULATOR - More than just a mortgage calculator, you can also determine what you can buy using the common ratio's that lenders use. A very neat tool to use before you go looking.

THE MONEYWISE HOME GUIDE - Your guide to money saving home ownership. Live better, spend less, and enjoy more. Mega resources to make the "pleasure of homeownership" an affordable pleasure.

ALLREGS - A comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date database of residential mortgage lending guidelines.

BANK RATE MONITOR - A huge resource for money for all uses. Lot's of "how To" stuff. A mega finance site.

COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS - The largest lender of its kind in the Nation. A very good site.

FINANCIAL CALCULATORS - How much can you afford, how much are the payments, how much you need to make to finance a certain amount.

HOMEOWNERS ON-LINE - Very informative on a wide range of topics pertaining to borrowing and real estate in general.

HOW AND WHY TO CHOOSE A MORTGAGE BROKER - A very neat article that is worth the read.

MORTGAGE COMPANY SEARCH ENGINE - Find a lender that suits your needs in any of the states.

THE MORTGAGE MANAGER - Some very good ideas and resources here. The information is free and could save you thousands of dollars.

MORTGAGE NET - "10 mistakes people make." Great calculators and hundreds of other resources.

RATES FROM ACROSS THE COUNTRY - Nifty little click on map that allows you to go directly to the market area of your choice. Lots of other resources as well.

SALARY RELOCATION CALCULATOR - Before you take that promotion and move, make sure it really is a promotion. From - To - State calculation, really neat.

CURRENT MORTGAGE RATES - A good site. It includes averages for comparison.

LENDERS SHOWCASE - Search for lenders by state.

LOAN QUALIFICATION CALCULATOR - Quick, easy, fairly accurate.

MORTGAGE CALCULATOR - Closing costs, ARM's, affordability.


WELLS FARGO BANK HOME PAGE - Contains links to all of their banking products.



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