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FINDING YOUR HOME - Resources For Locating A Special Property, Agent, School, Job, Tips And Articles And FREE! Reports

Many of these same resources can be found in Marketing Your Home. If it is a good place to sell a home, chances are it is a good place to find a home.

Bank Foreclosures Sale - Bank Foreclosures for Sale - Nationwide - #1 for Real Estate on the net! Search real estate for sale and home listings at!

Protecting you and your pocket book after you find your Home, Condo, Duplex, etc., since 1985 - Blue Ribbon Home Warranty will protect your pocket book and your homes, condos, etc. from repairs and / or replacement of their major systems and appliances plus more when needed - 14 months of protection!

YAHOO SEARCH RESULTS - LISTING SERVICES - Many of these services will list your house for FREE! You pay nothing, they sell advertising. It works well for you if your house sells.

1 REAL ESTATE ROAD - A directory of agents and offices around the country easily found by region and city.

AREA ON-LINE - A great tool. Very specific search parameters to narrow down your search. Nice full color pictures of the properties.

FORECLOSURE FETCHER - Foreclosure Listings - Find more foreclosures at incredible prices!

HOME FINDERS - Mega Site. Tips galore. Free agent referral, calculators, school information, maps, and much more. A nice looking site with easy to find information.

HOME SCOUT - Searches multiple databases on the Web. Access to over 300,000 properties for sale!

HOUSE HUHTER'S HELPER - A very handy, FREE!, reprintable form to help you keep all your facts straight. A real nifty idea.

HOUSE HUNTING ON THE NET - A how to of using this powerful resource. A great place to start.

InterCONNEX - A great way to regionalize your search. All 50 states and pictures that load fast (you can click to make them bigger). Links to local resources as well.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® - The professional association of agents. Many valuable resources available with links to others as well.

ON LINE HOME BUYING AND SELLING KIT - A good tool to have before you make any big decisions. Helps to narrow the field.

OWNER'S NETWORK - 49 state listings of "For Sale By Owners."  A great resource for the prospector as well. Very navigable and easy to use.

PHH NETWORK BROKERS - Find a professional office easily with drop down menus that quickly get you exactly to the area that you are interested in.

PUBLIC LISTING SERVICE - Offering Web space to "For Sale By Owners." A good place to find a home.

RE INFONETS REFERRAL NETWORK - Using one of their agents entitles the buyer or seller to 10% of the commission credited in escrow. Why not?

WREN PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY - Find an agent that is suited to you and what you want to do.

WRENET SEARCH PAGE - Categories are residential, commercial, and ranch land and acreage.

ACCNET - Multiple tools to find agents or to find a home.


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