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MOVERS and MOVING COMPANIES DIRECTORY - Moving Conpanies, Moving Services and Online Moving Quotes from Professional Movers

ALLIED VAN LINES HOME PAGE - Great links to resources to make your move easier.Beautifully done and easy to find your way around.

FREE BROCHURES AND INFORMATION - All the title implies and more. A great moving site.

FREE STUFF FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE MOVING - A good place to go before making the final decisions.

GLOBAL VAN LINES - Lots of useful information to help you choose the type of move best for your possessions.

HOUSEHOLD INVENTORY - New Mexico State University guide to a household inventory. Essential for insurance and before you make that move.

LYON MOVING AND STORAGE - One of the Nation's largest movers. Helpful information on what you will need.

MOVERS.NET - A mega site. IRS change of address, US Postal changes of address, how to move with kids, etc.

MOVING DAY COUNTDOWN - From 4 weeks out right up until they shut the door on the van. Takes the stress out of last minute mania.

THE MOVING VAN - Not only moving tips, but how to choose a real estate agents, what to do to your yard before you sell the house, and much more.

NORTH AMERICAN VAN LINES - Find a mover from your area, weather you are moving locally or across the Nation. Many good resources as well.

PACKING HINTS - Don't leave home without them, or some of your stuff may not make it.

PRINCE MOVING - A resource-full page. Tips and ideas to ease the stress of the big move.

TIPS FOR A SMOOTH RELOCATION - We're not sure there is such a thing, but this certainly helps to make it smoother. Boy Scout Motto: "Be Prepared."

UNITED VAN LINES WORLDWIDE HEADQUARTERS - Sound impressive? It is. They are the Nation's #1 mover. A separate tips section, and help with valuable equipment.

WWW OF MOVING COMPANIES - A truly mega site. Try sharing a move with someone to cut your costs way down. Other useful tips. They can hook you up.

ATLAS VAN LINES - Fun site. Some really "Cool" kids stuff.

MOVERS BY STATE - A good search tool to find a qualified mover in your local area.

MOVING COST CALCULATOR - A very handy item.


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