How To Buy Best Sony A7s Rig In 2022

How To Buy Best Sony A7s Rig In 2022

Is your company in need of the most reliable and efficient best sony a7s rig in the market? Your good luck led you to the ideal situation, so congratulations! You are in the best possible place. By eliminating the need to read through dozens of reviews, we are saving you time and stress.

Many customers find it difficult to decide which sony a7s rig product to buy. The dilemma is brought about by the many types of sony a7s rigs in the market.  This comprehensive guide will provide you with a clear understanding of how you may choose the most suitable sony a7s rigs available in the market.

10 Best sony a7s rig Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Professional DSLR Rig Camera Cage/Follow Focus/Matte Box Bundle for Sony A6000 A6300 A7 A7S A7SII A7R A7RII, Panasonic DMC-GH4 GH4 GH3, Canon M3 M5 M6, Nikon L340 etc

Features :

  • Matte Box: 15mm / 0.6in rail rod support system, suitable for lens from 43mm to 77mm / 1.7 – 3.0in.
  • Follow Focus: completely gear-driven design for slip-free, accurate, and repeatable focus movement. Mounts onto 15mm/0.59″ Rod Support (60mm/2.4″ center to center difference).
  • Camera Cage: Form-fitting and exquisite/Multi-functional/High compatibility/Easy to attach and detach
  • Backed with Lightow’s 12-Month Return for Refurbish/Replacement Manufacture Warranty.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 2.362204722
Width 6.692913379
Length 10.236220462
Weight 3.30693393

2. JTZ DP30 JL-JS7 Electronic Camera Cage Video Stabilizer Rig + 15mm Rail Base Plate,Top Handle for SONY A9,A7 III,A7R III,A7S III,A7III,A7RIII,A7SIII A7RIV Mirrorless Camera Zoom,Focus,REC Start/Stop

Features :

  • Specially designed cage for SONY A9,A7/A7R/A7S III Cameras.With JTZ standard base plate,compatible with standard 15mm rail system.Top handle and base plate can work with different JTZ camera cage.
  • Equipped with JTZlink, through JTZlink’s top handle can achieve the Camera REC Start / Stop ,W/T,Focus.
  • Material:Made of Aluminum by CNC machine.Sturdy and safe for your camera.
  • With this cage, you only need to change the mounting plate to be compatible with other sony mirrorless cameras. The customized mounting plates for Sony A6000 A6300 A6500 A7/A7R/A7S II camera sold separately
  • Arri Rosett mount and multiple 1/4″ and 3/8″ screw mount for more accessories.

Additional Info :

Color Camera Cage Rig
Item Dimensions
Weight 4.77

3. JTZ DP30 JL-JS7 Camera Cage Stabilizer with 15mm Rail Rod Base plate Rig + Electronic Top Handle + Shoulder Pad and Hand Grip for SONY A7 A7II A7R A7RII A7S A7SII Mirrorless Cameras

Features :

  • Specially designed cage for SONY A7S, A7SII, A7SM2, A7R, A7RII, A7M2, A7, A7II Cameras,the set is assembled by Camera Cage with 15mm Baseplate Rig and Top Handle,Shoulder Pad,Electronical Handle Grip
  • Equipped with JTZlink, through JTZlink’s top handle can achieve the Camera Video Start / Stop Function. Only the Zoom,W/T,Focus,REC buttons on the handles are available for Sony A7 A7R A7S Series Camera,Other buttons are unavailable,like IRIS
  • DP30 takes ALLinOne concept into its structure design, and this ensures all main modules of it compatible with almost all main cinema cameras, video dslr cameras, video mirrorless cameras on the market
  • With this cage, you only need to change the mounting plate to be compatible with other cameras. The customized mounting plates for Sony A9 A6000 A6300 A6300 A7/A7R/A7S III camera sold separately
  • The Top handle and 15mm baseplate rail rod rig are universal modules for JTZ Camera Cage,you just need to change the camera cage module for GH3 GH4 GH5 GH5s BMPCC Blackmagic Pocket FS5 cameras,the customized cage modules sold separately

Additional Info :

Color Camera Cage Rig+Shoulder Handle Grip
Item Dimensions
Height 5.905511805
Width 9.842519675
Length 13.385826758
Weight 6.83

4. SMALLRIG Camera Cage Only for Sony Alpha 7S III / A7S III / A7SIII / A7S3 – 2999

Features :

  • 【FORMFITTING FULL CAGE】SmallRig A7S III Cage 2999 maintains access to the camera’s controls and hot shoe. Made of premium aluminium alloy, the cage is a solid piece of metal that is highly resistant to oxidation and stands the test of time.
  • 【PERFECT PROTECTION】The cage incorporates an anti-twist design with an M2.5 screw fixed to the strap hole in addition to the 1/4″-20 camera mounting screw so your camera can’t move around in the cage. SmallRig Cage 2999 also incorporates an anti-twist design with padding on the base to protect the camera from scratching.
  • 【MULTIPLE MOUNTING POINTS】In addition to one cold shoe mount and multiple 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded holes, this formfitting aluminum cage features several ARRI-style mounts for preventing accessories from twisting when mounted on the cage. It also comes with a built-in NATO rail on the left of the cage. Mounting holes on the front allow mounting a separately available lens adapter 1764.
  • 【RECOMMENDATIONS】The cage is compatible with SmallRig universal accessory system. You can attach SmallRig Wooden Side Handle 2093 for hand-held shooting, and SmallRig Cable Clamp 3000 to protect the HDMI cable and port. ARRI-style mounts on the top and side are provided to attach SmallRig ARRI Locating Handle or SmallRig Ball Head Magic Arm.
  • 【SWEET DESIGN】Lightweight design with only 200g. Strap holes are included to add a separately available wrist strap or neck strap to your rig. Besides, with built-in magnetic suction design, the included Allen Wrench is ready to use without fear of loss.
  • 【Power Backup Solution】SmallRig NP-FZ100 camera battery charger set is available now, two 2040mAh(Real) rechargeable batteries and a charger brings long battery life for your videos and photos shooting, if you need a sufficient power supply, please search SmallRig NP-FZ100 Battery 3824

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 2.51968
Width 4.192905
Length 5.728335
Weight 0.4850169764

5. SMALLRIG Screen Hood Sun Hood Sunshade for Sony Alpha 7S III (A7S III A7S 3) / Alpha 7C (A7C) / ZV-1 (ZV 1) / FX3 Camera – 3206

Features :

  • 【PERFECT MATCH】SmallRig Screen Hood 3206 is compatible with Sony Alpha 7S III A7S III A7S 3/Alpha 7C A7C/ZV-1/FX3 Camera. And it will not affect the normal use of the camera.
  • 【PREVENT GLARE】SmallRig 3206 is designed to avoid reflection under strong outdoor light. Featuring a four-sided hood design, it assures you of a clearly visible screen in the multi-angle shooting.
  • 【PREVENT TWISTING DESIGN】SmallRig sunshade 3206 features raised internal edges for stability and to prevent twists while in use.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】Its outer layer is made from durable, scratch-resistant, and sun-proof leather, while its inner layer is made of microfiber cloth which reduces light reflection and provides better shading.
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL AND STORAGE】The sun hood features slide-in mounting. It is fastened by a hook & loop and fits directly onto the camera screen and can be folded flat for easy transport and storage.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2.44094
Width 2.7559
Length 2.91338
Weight 0.11464037624

6. SmallRig Camera Half Cage for Sony Alpha 7 IV/Alpha 7S III/Alpha 1/Alpha 7R IV – 3639

Features :

  • 【Compatibility】SmallRig formfitting aluminum half cage 3639 is expecially designed for Alpha 7 IV/Alpha 7S III/Alpha 1/Alpha 7R IV with lightweight protection of the camera.
  • 【Stable And Anti-twist】It includes two locking side plates and one 1/4″-20 screw at the bottom to lock the camera and prevent deflection and gives access to dials and buttons while retaining the grip experience of a bare camera.
  • 【MultipleU Mounting Points】The half cage 3639 built-in all-around protective spacers protect the camera from being scratched. 1/4″-20 threaded holes, 3/8″-16 locating holes for ARRI, and cold shoes support top handle 2165, side handle 2093, monitor mount 2903, microphones, LED lights, etc. Quick release plate for Arca at the bottom is design for DJI RS 2 / RSC 2 / RS 3 / RS 3 Pro and the quick release plate for DJI RS 2 / RSC 2 / RS 3 / RS 3 Pro stabilizers for stabilizer shooting.
  • 【Built-In Magnetic Spanner】This half cage 3639 stores a flat-head screwdriver and allen wrench that facilitates disassembly and assembly.
  • 【Internal Rubber Padding】The cage maintains rubber padding to prevent your camera from scratching and scuffing.
  • 【Power Backup Solution】SmallRig NP-FZ100 camera battery charger set is available now, two 2040mAh(Real) rechargeable batteries and a charger brings long battery life for your videos and photos shooting, if you need a sufficient power supply, please search SmallRig NP-FZ100 Battery 3824

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 4.25196
Width 2.019681
Length 3.759835
Weight 0.3527396192

7. SmallRig A7 IV / A7S III Cage with Top Handle, Side Handgrip and HDMI Cable Clamp, Advanced Kit for Sony Alpha 7 IV/Alpha 7 S III -3669

Features :

  • [For Alpha 7 IV/Alpha 7 S III]: SmallRig Cage Kit 3669 includes a cage, an HDMI cable clamp, a top handle and a side handgrip. It is designed to reduce armload and increase stability during handheld shooting while offering a wide range of accessory mounts. It is designed for Sony Alpha 7 IV and for Sony Alpha 7 S III
  • [Two-point Locking]: Mount the camera onto the cage with an integrated 1/4″-20 screw, and use the two side locking plates(one for Sony Alpha7S III, one for Alpha 7 IV ) to prevent twisting. To use the side locking plate, please remove the split ring on the left side of the camera first. Please note that the camera strap eyelet is occupied when using the side locking plate
  • [All-round Protection]: Adopted aviation aluminium and formfitting design for security and durability. The Alpha 7 IV cage features built-in protective pads that prevent the camera from being scratched. It maintains access to the camera’s controls and hot shoe and features when the camera mounted
  • [Multiple Mounting Points]: The cage features one integrated shoe mount, multiple 1/4″-20 threads and a 3/8″-16 locating hole for ARRI. The cage also has a built-in NATO rail on the side, and it also features strap slots for a separately available neck or hand strap. A magnetic flat-head screwdriver & Allen wrench is stored on the bottom of the cage to secure the mounting screw
  • [Top handle & Side handgrip]: Come with a top handle for low-angle shot and a side handle for increased stability. The top handle feels comfortable and enables easy carrying at a low-angle shot. The side grip features a silicone insert for better grip and more stable shooting.Handle features 1/4″-20 threaded holes, 3/8″-16 locating holes for ARRI, built-in cold shoes for mounting microphones, LED lights, monitors, etc.
  • [HDMI Cable Clamp]: The HDMI cable clamp, mounted onto the left side of the cage via one 1/4″-20 screw and two locating pins, prevents deflection and fixes cables with a thumbscrew to protect interfaces and ensure stable signal transmission. NOTE:This cable clamp is not compatible with Sony Alpha 1
  • [Power Backup Solution]: SmallRig NP-FZ100 camera battery charger set is available now, two 2040mAh(Real) rechargeable batteries and a charger brings long battery life for your videos and photos shooting, if you need a sufficient power supply, please search SmallRig NP-FZ100 Battery 3824

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 8.326755
Width 5.31495
Length 6.948805
Weight 1.28088574222

8. MAGICRIG A7S III Full Cage Only for Sony A7S3 /A7SIII /Alpha 7S III, Built-in Cold Shoe & NATO Rail ,with Top Handle(Rubber)

Features :

  • Cage Kit Designed to Work with for Sony Alpha 7S III/A7S3/A7S III: Includes a cage and a rubber top handle.
  • Unobstructed Design: the recording button, battery charger, battery, pop-up flash and MI hot shoe port are kept on the rack to ensure easy access to camera controls.
  • Multi-installation Point Design: There are multiple 1/4″-20 thread and 3/8″-16 and ARRI positioning threaded holes on the frame. At the same time, there are two cold shoe mounts with inclined angles, and NATO guide rails are set on the top sides and left sides, which can be used with NATO handles without obstruction.
  • Double Lock design: Use the 1/4 inch screw on the bottom and the M2.5 screw on the right to firmly fix the camera on the rack.
  • Rubber Top Handle: non-slip design, more comfortable for handheld shooting.
  • ONLY for Sony A7S III !!!!!!!!!

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2.52
Width 4.25
Length 5.75
Weight 0.83334735036

9. SMALLRIG Camera Cage Kit Professional Kit for Sony Alpha 7S III / A7S III / A7S3 with HDMI Cable Clamp and Wooden Side Handle – 3008

Features :

  • 【MASTER KIT FOR SONY A7S】SmallRig Camera Cage Kit 3008 is especially designed for Sony Alpha 7SIII / A7SIII / A7S3. The kit includes an aluminum full cage, an HDMI cable clamp and a wooden side handle. It maintains access to your camera’s controls and hot shoe.
  • 【FORMFITTING FULL CAGE】Made of premium aluminium alloy, the included cage is a solid piece of metal that is highly resistant to oxidation and stands the test of time. The camera cage features numerous 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting threads, a NATO rail, a cold shoe mount and ARRI-style mounts for additional attachment options and DIY operations.
  • 【HDMI CABLE CLAMP】The HDMI clamp attaches to the side of the cage using a 1/4″-20 screw and two anti-twist pins, which prevents the camera’s HDMI cable from accidentally disconnecting.
  • 【COMFORTABLE WOODEN HANDLE】The smooth wooden handle can be used on the left or right to provides a solid, comfortable grip. The wooden handle features a cold shoe on the top for microphone and light, 1/4”& 3/8″ threaded holes on the top allows for mounting magic arm or ballhead for monitor. ( NOTICE: If you want to use it on the other side of the cage, just take off the connection part of handle and change the direction. )
  • 【TOP RECOMMENDATION】When working with the camera field monitors, you could fix it to the top of cage kit 3008 with SMALLRIG Adjustable Monitor Mount 2904, 2905. Also, you could attach more accessories, like microphone or SmallRig Articulating Arm2070 etc.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 8.30707
Width 4.192905
Length 4.25196
Weight 1.1684499886

10. Tiltaing Camera Cage TA-T18-E Compatible with Sony a7S III Camera , Kit with Top Handle NATO Rail Tactical Gray (Tactical Gray)

Features :

  • [PROTECTIVE ARMOR] Minimizes Wear and Tear Over Time
  • [MOUNT ACCESSORIES] via NATO Rail, Arri Rosette, Cold Shoe and 1/4″-20 Threads
  • [15MM ROD SUPPORT] via Built In Rod Holder and LWS Baseplate
  • [TOP & SIDE HANDLES] Provide More Flexibility When Operating and Handling
  • [POWER & RECORD] via the Advanced Power Handle with Run Stop

Additional Info :

Color Tactical Gray
Item Dimensions
Weight 3.08

Here Are Some Tips For Choosing sony a7s rig

Are you stressed out by finding the perfect sony a7s rig? When considering the purchase of sony a7s rig in general, have you ever felt uncertain about what model to select?

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That’s right? Aren’t doing that sometimes difficult? In order to prevent you from worrying, we have put together a list of the top sony a7s rig products on the market, for your benefit.

Who was involved in compiling this list? What motivated us to create this buying guide?

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Lifelong companionship is typical for sony a7s rig. When you fast open your lid, spending more money will reward you with increased speed, a better view, and better quality of the product. Again, the average price of a new sony a7s rig is between $$ and $$$. Okay, so some luxury options are not available.

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